Ride For Youth

A Youth Focus event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression

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Jane Chambers

Occupation: Registered Nurse

After challenging myself to a Rottnest swim solo crossing in 2014, I am now really happy to be making my inaugural epic journey from Albany to Perth on two wheels to raise money and awareness for Youth Focus.

My work as a drug and alcohol nurse in a mental health setting provides me with direct insight to how important organisations like Youth Focus are. They provide invaluable and much needed support to our youth and young adults struggling with mental health issues such as depression, self harming and suicidality. Your donations directly fund Youth Focus programs that are so needed across W.A.

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Sally Cave 3 days 4 hours ago
Good luck Jane, hope it goes well and with all your training you are more than ready to complete this challenge. It will be great to see you back in strengthing training sessions, all of which have been a great preparation for you. Sally x
Frits and Tricia de Vroet 1 month 3 days ago
Well done Jane, you are looking fabulous and also doing a great job. I am not quite sure how you do so much, work, 3 kids, ride and ten million other things all while your doing your Masters. Success Tricia
Susanne Webster 1 month 2 weeks ago
Have a great ride Jane!
Jane Chambers 1 month 3 weeks ago
Good luck and great cause from the UK Uncles.
Reg Howard-Smith 1 month 3 weeks ago
Great socks
Derek Robson 3 months 2 weeks ago
Jane Chambers 3 months 3 weeks ago
Lian Pang 3 months 3 weeks ago
Deborah Fisk 4 months 3 days ago
Hello my friend! What a significant contribution you are making! I wish you comfort up the hills...remember its the climb that counts! Just keep pushing on and sing sing sign! Deborah
John Hughan 4 months 4 days ago     Team Donation - $12,500


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